Cold Case Quest: Jerri Glenn

On the morning of April 22, 2015, Jerri Glenn was taking her daughters to school when a man shot her while she was still in the parking lot of her Columbus, Ohio apartment.

The unknown man was wearing a black hoodie and a ski mask. After the shooting, he fled the area on foot.

Many people, including the police detectives, believe that the homicide of the 34-year-old mother was more than likely done in retaliation for a murder that her son committed in March 2015. The son may have shot the victim in order to impress the gang that he was involved with.

The police did not have enough evidence to link anyone to Glenn’s homicide. The son said that he did not know anything about who could have been the gunman.

Hopefully, someone with information about Glenn’s case will finally come forward. After seven years, the family of Jerri Glenn would like to have this case solved.

There are links below for submitting tips to the Columbus Police or Crime Stoppers. In 2017, Crime Stoppers was offering a reward for tips that lead to an arrest. All tipsters will remain anonymous.

Links for Jerri Glenn

Columbus Police Department

Central Ohio Crime Stoppers

Cold Case Quest


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