Cold Case Quest: Judith Frum

On January 2, 2016, Judith Frum was walking in the area near her East Side Columbus residence when she was shot by an unknown person. Frum’s homicide was the first in a string of shootings in Columbus during January 2016.

At first, the responders believed that she had been struck by a car. It was determined later on that the actual cause of death was a gunshot wound.

Since Frum did not have her identification with her, it took a bit longer to identify her. She was often seen walking in the neighborhood.

The police did not have many leads in 2016. The other January shootings were probably not related to Frum’s homicide.

Unfortunately, there have not been any changes in the case. Crimestoppers offered a reward in 2019. There are links and phone numbers below if you want to call in with useful tips. Hopefully, anyone with information in Judith Frum’s homicide will come forward soon.

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