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The Lighthouse

The Lighthouse by Christopher Parker was on my DNF list for almost two years. Let me tell you guys that I was really missing out on a great story by leaving it on the DNF pile. I finally picked it back up in January.

Amy Tucker and her father are trying to put their lives back together after Amy’s mother dies. It has been a struggle for both of them. Mr. Tucker takes a short-term job in Seabrook to help his friend do some investigative work.

Seabrook has an old haunted lighthouse that has suddenly started to shine its light. Amy gets the details from Ryan, the son of a local ranch owner. They met under somewhat odd circumstances but still struck up a friendship.

Since her dad has left Amy on her own for the evening, Ryan gives her a tour of the town and the ranch. Ryan has his own problems that he tells Amy about. I think helping someone else helps Amy to forget about her grief for a little while.

Amy does begin to notice that something is off with this town. She cannot find her dad. Her phone calls aren’t going through to anyone. Her taxi driver leaves her out in the middle of nowhere. A young girl saves her from the townspeople that are acting weird and creepy.

The girl tells her to go to the lighthouse and all will be revealed. Amy does make it to the lighthouse and cannot believe the story she hears. She doesn’t know if she will be able to help. So she takes a leap of faith. I cannot tell you anything else or it will ruin the surprise.

If you are a fan of mysteries or magical realism then you will enjoy The Lighthouse. If you are a Stepford Wife, then you might not enjoy it quite as much as you should. I would recommend reading the book immediately. Do not leave it on the DNF pile!


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  • I received this ebook from NetGalley. This is my honest review. All opinions are my own. Obviously.

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