What Happened to Ruthy Ramirez: #bookreview

what happened to ruthy ramirez
A deeply powerful, raw debut novel of a Puerto Rican family in Staten Island who discovers their long‑missing sister is potentially alive and cast on a reality TV show, and they set out to bring her home. – Goodreads

What Happened to Ruthy Ramirez by Claire Jimenez captures the all of the feelings involved with losing someone and trying to keep the family together.

In 1996, 13-year-old Ruthy Ramirez disappears after track practice. Her mother, Dolores, and sisters, Jessica and Nina, are devastated.

Twelve years later in 2008, the Ramirez women are still dealing or not dealing with the disappearance in their own ways. They aren’t exactly as connected as they used to be. Each person is like a planet in their own universe.

When Jessica believes that Ruthy is on a reality show called Catfight, she wants to bring her missing sister back. Jessica and Nina come up with a plan to travel to where the show is filmed in order to see Ruthy in person. Their mother and her friend Irene find out about the plan and tag along on the trip.

The trip is a catalyst for change in the family. They haven’t moved on or had closure on the disappearance. They hardly even talk about it but now talking about the situation is necessary for the family to heal.

Irene is sort of like that crazy aunt with the obnoxious accessories and working on getting her next ex-husband. Most families have one aunt that is almost too much. I might be the crazy aunt. The odds are like 50/50.

If you enjoy stories about families that talk about the joy and heartache of life, then you might like What Happened to Ruthy Ramirez. Also, if you like true crime and mysteries, you will love the book.

If you don’t like taking off your rose-colored glasses, then I recommend taking a chance on this book anyway.


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  • I received this ebook from NetGalley. This is my honest review. All opinions are my own. Obviously.

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  1. Comments like this: “I might be the crazy aunt. The odds are like 50/50.” make me adore you Holley!

    1. Thank you! I adore you also!! 🙂

  2. It sounds very uplifting. And I predict if it’s not her, she’s definitely NOT going to pretend to be her, either, like in the movies. Nice review!

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