Kris Ulrich: Sleep Deprived Music Review

kris ulrich
Photo Credit: Adam Kelly

Winnipeg-based musician Kris Ulrich’s new album, Big in the USA, will be available on March 31. Before the pandemic, Ulrich toured with several different bands, always playing someone else’s songs. During 2020, he realized that he wanted to be part of the creative process of writing music. So Ulrich began to experiment with writing his own songs.

“These songs were born from a feeling that I wouldn’t ever make anything again. But they ended up leaving me with the clearest vision I’ve ever had for my music. It represents a shift in my relationship to production, guitar, and songwriting,” he says.

Before I played the album, I was hoping that the music would be good. It reminded me of the scene in “Schitt’s Creek” where David is hoping that that Patrick doesn’t fail at singing during the open mic night. I was so happy that Kris Ulrich has a dreamy voice to go along with the great songwriting skills.

Ulrich’s music could be described as renegade folk or indie rock. Most of his songs have a touch of nostalgia, hope and introspection. My favorite songs on the album are “1994” and “Here in My Mind.”

The album reminds me a little bit of Wilco. I am probably about to go down a rabbit hole of indie rock music. Don’t worry. It sounds like a good time to me. The music of Kris Ulrich will be perfect for listening to while in the lounge of the indie rock rabbit hole.

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