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Suspension by Andrea Faye Christians is a lovely paranormal fantasy centered around the Clifton
Suspension Bridge in Bristol, England. Isambard Brunel, the legendary eighteenth-century civil engineer, designed the bridge which was constructed in 1831. Fun fact: Isambard means “iron bright” or “iron axe.”

The main character, Carla, is drawn to the bridge after her death. She learns soon afterward from Matilda the psychic sidekick that she is a “dream walker.” A dream walker helps lost souls to figure out what problem they need to fix for them to cross over into wherever they are supposed to go next – heaven or hell.

Carla meets Brunel along with Ernest Hemingway at the bridge. There is a portal that Brunel guards. Ernest Hemingway doesn’t seem to do anything except be Ernest Hemingway. I guess he doesn’t have to do anything else.

Brunel also gives Carla most of the information that she is missing. She’s only been a ghost/dream walker for a few weeks and needs a bit of job training. Brunel tells her that she comes from a fairly long line of dream walkers.

While on the bridge, Carla meets David, who cannot remember anything. They hang out for a few weeks. The lost soul and the dream walker fall in love, which is not allowed. I guess it messes up the order of things.

One day, David disappears and Carla is not sure why. She goes on the hunt for her lost soul mate with the help of Matilda. Hopefully, Matilda is in book two of the series. She is my favorite character in the book.

If you are a fan of fantasy, paranormal fiction, or historical fiction with a bit of time traveling then you should love Suspension.

I think that even if you are a person who doesn’t like fantasies you will enjoy this fantasy anyway.


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