Everyone Asked About You: Press Play

Everyone Asked About You of Little Rock has released ‘Paper Airplanes, Paper Hearts’, which compiles the band’s complete recorded works.

They reunited last winter for their first show in 23 years. My punk rock heart is hoping that they get the band together and keep making music. I love the album. My favorite song on the album is “A Better Way to a Broken Heart.” The music makes me wish that I had been more into punk rock back then. Everyone’s musical journey is different apparently.

Sheppard, says, “If there’s a theme through all of our songs, it’s emotional and physical distance, challenging goodbyes and misunderstandings and terrible communication.”

The DIY emo/tweemo band formed in 1996 but broke up in 2000. The band lineup consists of Chris Sheppard, Lee Buford, Collins Kilgore, Hannah Vogan, John Beachboard and Matt Bradley.

The album includes the ‘Let’s Be Enemies’ LP and two and a half 7″s released between 1997-2000) into a Deluxe 2 piece vinyl set. If you’re interested ‘Paper Airplanes, Paper Hearts’ is also available on cassette and most streaming platforms.

Don’t be afraid to press play.

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