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 Buona sera!

Jaguero, punk rock band of Italy, came out with the New Love EP in September. Last month, they played at The Fest in Gainesville, Florida with bands like Hans Gruber and the Diehards, Debt Neglector and Tsunami Bomb.

The song, “New Love,” is going to find a place on punk rock playlists for sure. “Pressure” featuring Andrea Vasumini is also pretty incredible.

The band adds, “The New Love EP is another small collection of songs about the narrative of life’s ups and downs. Each track resonates with our own experiences, offering a glimpse into the average human being. Thanks to Epidemic Records, the New Love EP will be promoted in the United States and Europe, carrying one simple message: as life swells and recedes, we will constantly improve and become better ourselves.”

Jaguero had some pretty sweet merch that I’m trying to track down. The t-shirt with the jaguar is so cool. However, It might be a limited run. Maybe Santa can find it in time for Christmas.

I am looking forward to seeing the band live in the near future. Meet and greets are one of my favorite things. I finally found my autograph book so I’m totally ready. Has anyone seen Jaguero in person? Let us know all about the show.

If you are a fan of punk rock, you should check out the band’s music. Let me know what you think of the band.

Coolest jaguar shirt from Jaguero

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