Interview with . . . Pippa Scott

pippa scott

The talented multi-genre singer Pippa Scott has taken the time to do an interview with us. We are a fan of her song, “Dance As If Nobody Knows.”

Apologies for not being able to clear the room. What can a mother of teenagers do? We dance as if nobody knows. Right Pippa?

Please check out the interview as well as the links listed below.

Pippa Scott Links






2 responses to “Interview with . . . Pippa Scott”

  1. Don’t be sorry about “clearing the room” at all! Story of my life, lol. My dog Boris, my cats, and my youngest daughter all flock to the opportunity for cameos during my interviews. Such hams. (Albeit, all mine do end up in final edit as audio only for a podcast). Cool interview and I’m fascinated by this artist. Checking out more of her stuff now!

    1. lol. My kid was in more of the video. She wanted to be in the whole thing. Thanks for visiting and checking out Pippa’s music. ❤️😊

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