Meurtrières: Sleep Deprived Music Review


Meurtrières, a heavy metal group of Lyon, France, has released their second album, Ronde de Nuit. So prepare to lose your minds when you hear how epic this album is.

The band name, Meurtrières, can be translated to “female assassin.” “Ronde de nuit” means night watch or night patrol. If I was going to write a series about females assassins during medieval times, this album would be perfect for the soundtrack.

My favorite songs are “Chevaleresses Du Chaos,” “Rubicon,” and “Le Revenante.” Meurtrieres sounds like a modern Iron Maiden, except with a female singer and French lyrics. I don’t see any any negative aspects with any of those things -together or separately.

People love opera without understanding the words. I’m ready to learn all of the songs on the album phonetically so I can be ready for their US tour. There are many bands with female lead singers that I love as much as -if not more than- bands with male singers.

Even if you could find fault with one thing, the group’s music kicks ass. Whatever they are doing is the right thing for their music. Those are just the facts.

If I could listen to this album anywhere, I would listen to it on the plane that takes me to the Hell Over Hammaburg Festival in Germany. Until then, I will just listen to the album everywhere while wearing my soon-to-be purchased band t-shirt.

Au revoir mon ami!

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