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Day 20 of 30 Day Photo Challenge: Transportation

DSCN2165Day 20 of 30 Day Photo Challenge

Rocket boosters & airplanes. So much better than driving a car! 🙂




Day 17 of 30 Photo Challenge: technology

Day 17 of 30 Photo Challenge: technology

I appreciate having technology. I love computers most of the time. My mom has an ipad that my kids love to play games on. My oldest daughter just received an ipod for her birthday, which she uses all of the time.
However, my favorite piece of technology is my cell phone. I can text, call, take pictures and check Facebook. If I can figure out how to post blogs, it will be perfect!


Day 15 of 30 Day Photo Challenge: Silhouette

Day 15 of 30  Day Photo Challenge: Silhouette

003 (2)
In black & white also

Lake Erie. The challenge was to do a silhouette. My kid was glad to go for a walk by the lake. We’ve had a lot of rain this summer. We were lucky today. I was also lucky to get a decent shot 🙂


Day 16 of 30 Photo Challenge: Cityscape


Paris in Las Vegas. I wanted to go up in the tower. It’s much taller than it appears so I changed my mind fairly quickly. If I went to Las Vegas again, I would possibly reconsider. Fear of heights has not been any fun.