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Doodletopia Cartoons: #bookreview


Let me preface this whole post by saying: My kid is going to love me. It’s possible that two or even three of my kids will love me. I mean they will love this book.
The book review gods have blessed me with a book about doodling, “Doodletopia Cartoons” by Christopher Hart.
I’m not a doodler per se but I have two or even three children that dabble in doodling. This book is easy enough for my kids, who are 11 and 7, to follow.
Hart uses humor to relate to the soon-to-be doodler. You’ll think, “Oh this is funny. I can make a rabbit and dress him up like a pirate too.” My personal favorite is the angry waitress. I think it would be fun to dress her up like a pirate. Since I have this book, I can dress all of the characters like a pirate or a superhero. There are so many options. Are there pirate superheroes? I think it’s possible now.
There is also a section on lettering. It could come in handy if anyone is into scrapbooking or card making.
The point is that I really enjoy this book. I’m pretty sure that I’m going to have to find a better hiding spot. My middle kid always finds the Christmas gift hiding spots. It is probably because I don’t hide things very well.
This is the drawing that I did today. Cleopatra sort of looks like a superhero, doesn’t she?


*I received this book from Blogging for Books in exchange for doing a review. It doesn’t mean I don’t love this book.*

Christopher Hart website

Kidney Chronicles: Let’s Do Our Nails Again

Nail Salon

My friends, my mom, the doctor all want to know, “How do you feel?”

I’m supposed to say fine. Fine. I feel freaking awesome.

It’s all a lie. The only good thing I could say to the doctor was that my nails look great. Really, they do. I’ve had nothing but time to spend on my nails. It’s good that I’ve had so much time because I still can’t sit still long enough to let the topcoat dry. So I have to start all over.

I swear I can hardly move. How do I keep messing up the topcoat? Lucas says I don’t have the patience to be a nail jedi. I’m going to keep at it  until I have succeeded.

I do not feel fine. I feel like I have a foreign object in my body. Oh wait. I have two foreign objects in my body right now. Namely two stents. One in each ureter. You know, the place between the kidney and the bladder.

I had one surgery last week and scheduled for another one in two weeks. The nurses at the doctor’s office thought I could still work until I told them what I do for a living. Then it was “Oh yeah, I guess you can’t work then.” They still think I can go back to work the day after surgery. I think those bitches are crazy with a capital C. Crazy.

I haven’t worn pants for at least a week, unless you count pajamas as pants. I’ve been wearing pajama pants every where. It’s not my thing but it will be my thing for two more weeks since I can’t wear pants that are pants.

On top of that, they gave me a diet plan because my kidney stones are made of calcium oxalate. Peanut butter, chocolate and blueberries are on the “don’t-eat-this-or-else” list. My daughter, who can be a bit dramatic, said that I have to stop eating peanut butter or I will die. Honestly, I love peanut butter so much that I might die without it. What am I supposed to eat now?

Yeah, I can’t sit at the computer for very long. So my NaNoWriMo novel has been put on the shelf. I haven’t totally given up on the novel. I’m still thinking of plot and character.

I feel like it would feel better if someone was taking out my kidney with a dull spoon. It would be so gross. But I really think I would feel better. Eventually.

In the meantime, who wants to come over and get their nails done? I won’t make you join a nail polish cult or remove my kidney or anything.

#NaNoWriMo: What People in the Novel are Doing that I’m Not

#NaNoWriMo: What People in the Novel are Doing that I'm Not

Holy crap. It is day four of NaNoWriMo. The people in my novel are starting to actually do things, like have ten cats, meet people and learn how to cook. I’m not personally doing these things . . . it’s totally the characters.

This is what I learned today.

  1. Stevie Nicks has not been working for me during writing sessions. I’m too busy dancing and twirling to write.
  2. I should not keep the phone in the room while writing. This is the time that everyone on the planet chooses to blow my phone up. Don’t call me this month.
  3. I added dialogue mid-stream. It will be ok, I think. I can always go back and add dialogue anywhere and everywhere. There’s a cat lady. Maybe all of her cats could talk. Think of all of the words that ten cats would say right meow. No? Too much? Yes, you are probably write. I mean, right.
  4. We are still not getting a cat. So I put them all in the novel. My kids aren’t amused. Seriously, I’m going to keep writing until the “why aren’t we getting a cat” storm passes. It’s not a no for the rest of their lives. Maybe later down the road.  Let’s get through November first. I mean, let mommy get through November. I’m not sure if I can finish a novel and take care of a cat, as well as remember to shower and do the dishes.

#NaNoWriMo Playlist


It’s day three of NaNoWriMo. Let’s call it a success. I hit my word count goal.

I also voted. They kept trying to tell me to sign by a different Perry’s name. I told her twice that I’m me and not the other Perry lady. I do know the other Perry lady. We both married into the family so there is no physical resemblance. She’s much more of a people person. I’m sure she’ll get a good laugh when the people at the voting booth tell her about the mix-up.

I had a huge cup of coffee and a sandwich. It’s possible that I danced around to an old Tom Jones record for too long this morning. It’s not on the NaNoWriMo schedule. Maybe it should be? Let’s go with yes. Yes, let’s play Tom Jones again tomorrow. Would you believe that I didn’t pick out the record? It’s Lucas’ record. This makes me laugh because I’m not sure if he knows who Tom Jones really is. According to the news, Tom Jones is not sure who Tom Jones really is either. But I digress . . .

I think Lucas might have bought the record because it was $1.

Whatever works, right?! He finds really cool records that I love more than anything.

I have records picked out for the second half of day 3 – Dusty Springfield and Stevie Nicks. My story might have witches in it. Stevie Nicks seems appropriate.

Yes, I do know that it’s Domestic Violence Awareness month.

Domestic Violence Awareness

There are things that I could tell you about being in a terrible relationship, where every little thing is criticized and you put up with it because the other person is basically a monster. It’s just that the monster is posing as someone that is supposed to care about you.

Every October, I remember all over again. October is when I became intensely aware of domestic violence. You could say it all came to a boiling point.

At some point, I should be so far away from still feeling all of it. It’s been seven years since I left.

I had to be reminded that it was domestic violence awareness month. This is the first year that I don’t feel the same amount of guilt and depression and stupidity. Usually when October comes around, depression appears and I want to find a cave to hide in but not this year.

Although, I’m not the same person as I was seven or eight years ago, the emotions and quirks are not gone totally.

For example, I still don’t like to eat at the dinner table because everyone will hear me scrape my fork on my teeth. It’s ridiculous, I am aware. No one cares anymore if I scrape my teeth on the fork. No one hears it. No one ever heard it – except one person who needed something to complain about.

My friend, Darla, at New World Mom has a really great post about domestic violence. Seven years ago, I didn’t have many friends. Now I have one named Darla. How awesome is that?!

A Love I am Not Worthy of

Useful Links:

Love + Gravity

Love + Gravity

After the rush to find matching clothes and  shoes, the morning conversation with the kid usually goes like this:

The kid: Do you think love is stronger than gravity?

Me: I don’t know exactly.

The kid: I wonder . . .

Me: (trying to crash into anyone from staring at the kid in amazement. Yes, I should turn around now.) Yeah, I wonder . . .

For the rest of the day, I really contemplated whether love is stronger than gravity. I suppose love and gravity have a few things in common. Can they really be compared?

You can’t see love or gravity. You can probably see examples of love but you can’t really see any rays of love shooting out of your significant others eyes. The love rays could be problematic if the ex that you still sort of pine for walks into the room. Then everyone knows that you still love them.

Some would say that love and gravity can keep you grounded.However, being grounded by love doesn’t happen for everyone. We all know people that cannot commit to anyone, not even their own children. Love for other people is not inherent in all people.

Gravity on the other hand is with us all of the time,

We can try to block out love but it’s a bit impossible to defy gravity, unless you are in fact Idina Menzel or an astronaut.

#weekendcoffeeshare: but first coffee

The teenager and I went shopping yesterday. She wanted to leave so early. When shopping is involved, she will drag herself out bed shortly after the crack of dawn. It is remarkable and annoying. Mama hadn’t even had coffee or a shower.
We shopped all day.
My favorite part of the trip was the Halloween store. We took some selfies. There was a strampunk pirate theme going on here.
I think I should get the Mad Hatter hat.