Bad Customer Service: I won’t be Lied to again.


Today, I had a fairly bad customer service experience. I dropped off a prescription at the pharmacy. About an hour later, I received a message that they did not have the medication that was prescribed. In the message, the clerk said that they would be happy to find a pharmacy that carried what I needed. So far, so good, right?
I called the pharmacy to discuss the next step. A different clerk answered the phone. She said that they did not have the medicine. And then silence. . . There was no offer to help me any further. No suggestions for which pharmacy to call. I asked her “Would you be able to help me find it somewhere else?” She said that she could not help me. It’s fine that she was busy or whatever the reason for not helping me. However, she said “I wouldn’t even know what pharmacy would have it.” Besides being rude, I feel like she was lying. I’m pretty sure that they have the phone numbers for pharmacies close to their phone.
She could have said a number of other things besides a lie. She could have said “We’re extremely busy so there isn’t time for me to call.” “You could call Rite-Aid or CVS.” “Hopefully, we will be able to help next time.” Anything would have been better than a lie because now I don’t trust that pharmacy.
I went across the street to the pharmacy. They were very polite and efficient. I think I have found a new pharmacy.
Bad customer service drives business away never to return.

Or customers feel like this


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    1. Thanks for reblogging. I don’t advocate driving through the store either. 😉 It’s just represents how customers feel – angry. I think Madea was hangry (hungry and angry).

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