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Mean Girl Music Journal: Jack & Sally

It has been awhile since we went to a live show. When the boyfriend asked if I wanted to go see John 5 on Halloween, it seemed like the thing to do. If you know who John 5 is, you know that I could not say no. He could have escaped from a Tim Burton movie in the past.

So we went to Cleveland. The weather was crap but this is Ohio so it is expected.

I really thought that the crowd would be younger. I was prepared to be the old lady in the crowd but thankfully that was not the case. There were a couple people that were old enough to be my parents.

The stage was really low so it was extremely difficult to see anyone on stage. There weren’t any drum risers either. The boyfriend and I are short so it’s an issue when tall people are in the front. I took one or two good photos. Most of the time, I just looked at what photos the giant next to me was taking. That’s how I got to see anything on stage.

Honestly, we were just happy to be there and not outside trick or treating so everything was cool for awhile.

Then Jack and Sally plus another drunk couple and a guy that wanted to mosh came into the picture.

The drunk couple was constantly going from their spot to wherever they went – probably the bar. Then it’s like they were chasing each other and could never find the other. They were both pushy – pushing to get back to their spot or away from their spot. It was not appreciated after the 2nd time. The pushing happened many, many times. The boyfriend and I were holding hands but the guy wanted to push through us. Not happening. He finally gave up and went around us.

Jack and Sally were kind of jerks. Jack was pretty sociable – I mean, he is the Pumpkin King. So he went off on his own for about 20 minutes. Sally was not pleased. It could be because of the Mosh guy who stood right in front of her.

Jack finally comes back and Sally nags at him for awhile. The Mosh guy moves behind Sally and now he is right in front of me. I’m super excited about this change. When John 5 starts to play, Mosh guy starts to jump up and down. I pushed him into Sally so he wouldn’t jump on my feet. No regrets. I would push him again. Actually, I think I did. He finally moved. He tried to mosh again with Jack and Sally but they were not amused. Jack pushed him towards some giants and was never seen again. Well, he was not seen inside the bar anyway.

After Mosh guy moved, the concert is going well. Jack and Sally have settled their problems. John 5 is shredding like he does. Life is good.

Then pushy lady comes back and she is druuuuunk. Seriously inebriated and pushier than ever. She stops directly in front of me. Not a fan of this move. I may have nudged her. Anyway, she pushed her way in between Jack and Sally and different couple – The Hipsters. Pushy lady is dancing away and spilling her drink on everyone – Me, Jack and Sally, The Hipsters and more. Hipster guy says something to her. She is offended. She probably ruined his suede fringe jacket.

Then she says something like, “Well, enjoy your show!” And leaves in pushy huff. Of course, she runs into me again. I may have shoved her away to help her leave. The lady next to me was also eternally grateful for her departure.

Good times!

P.S. I recommend seeing John 5 live! He is really amazing!

Mean Girl Music Journal: Han Solo Birthday Weekend was Asthmatic




I thought that I could go to Cleveland by myself for my birthday weekend. Technically, I have a driver’s license and a van. (Fooled you State of Ohio – I’m a terrible driver.) There was enough time in the day to do the things that I was traveling to Cleveland to do. I even wore my favorite Princess Leia shirt.


On the way to Cleveland, I stopped at a beach to do an interview with a band. Note to self: Always do interviews from the beach.

After leaving the beach, nothing went the way I planned at all.

Although, I would like to say that I’m a chick and I can do what I want – there’s that voice that says it’s not always safe. I thought I would walk a few blocks to see the Cleveland subway. They open it up once in awhile for public viewing.

The truth is that the voice was saying “Don’t go down there. Look at that group of guys. ” It’s not that I think they will attack me or rob me. But they could. A single woman walking alone is a target.

So I went to eat instead. The food was the only good thing about this trip. Thank goodness for pulled pork sliders.


I was supposed to go to a SoFar Sounds show. I applied at least a month ago to get tickets. It’s pretty hush-hush. They are so secretive about where it is and who is playing.

My GPS is a liar and gives me wrong directions on a regular basis. Another downside to being alone. She also tries to get me to drive over bridges. I am terrified of bridges. Well, by the time I escaped one bridge, I was pretty sure that I was having a panic attack or I have asthma. Possibly both. I felt like a wookie was sitting on my chest.  I love wookies but not when they are suffocating me.


So I drove home instead of going to the show that is happening right now. My Han Solo birthday weekend was kind of creepy and asthmatic.

Sorry SoFar Sounds. I really wanted to come but I had to get that wookie off of my chest.

Mean Girl Music Journal: Use Bubblegum for good, not evil.


I’m slacking on getting photo passes for concerts. In fact, our new kitty is using one of my old press passes as a toy. Slacking. Well, it’s more about deciding at the last minute to go to shows. Obviously, I need a plan for getting a last-minute photo pass.

Most places used to let people take backpacks, messenger bags, and big purses. It’s a bit different since the 2017 Las Vegas shooting. The place that we went to last night did not allow backpacks or even medium sized purses. It’s understandable.

I’m ok with not taking my purse but I did miss my camera. I probably could’ve taken it with me. My phone takes crappy pictures and doesn’t zoom worth a damn. Everyone else had great phones with awesome cameras. I could tell because everyone had their phones up taking fairly high quality pictures and videos.

So my boyfriend always sees someone he knows everywhere we go. Literally everywhere. Also, he has a friendly face and a great personality. So people want to be his friend. There was a music blogger that came up to him and talked about the bands and his blog. He even had a t-shirt. When the blogger moved on, I looked up his blog. It’s pretty good actually. Heres’s the link: The Rust Belt Chronicles.

My boyfriend asked me, “Did you ever get shirts made?” Yes, I did and haven’t done anything with them yet. Soon – when I’m done slacking.

Usually, I do not venture too far into the crowd. #1 Mosh Pits are not my thing. #2 Crowd surfers pop up from all over the place. However, I wanted to get closer to see Halestorm. Worst idea ever.

How could I know that we would get stuck by chicks with long hair and dudes that were 7 foot tall? The boyfriend and I are only 5’3″ and 5’5″. We don’t wear heels. I only thought ten times about tying two ponytails together and wrapping it up with my gum. I’m not always a mean girl but I was wearing a Kublai Khan shirt so I’m not the one to test by waving your ponytail around. Violence with bubblegum is not the way either. It was time to go buy band merch and a get a milkshake anyway.

Here are some pictures of the show. Note to self: Take your camera. Photo pass or not.