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The Future Mrs. Benicio Del Toro

If you had to live forever as either a child, an adolescent, or an adult, which would you choose — and why?

Does this mean I’m a vampire? If not, could I be a vampire anyway? Please and thank you.

I could live for eternity as a 25 year old vampire.

25 was a good age. Not too young. Not too old. I wasn’t too skinny or too fat.

When you’re 25, you can date older people. I’m reminded of that one guy that said he wouldn’t date me unless I was 25. I think his point was that 21 year old chicks were drunk all the time. I don’t remember – I was 21 and kind of drunk.

Older guys weren’t my thing anyway. People change. Older could be my thing if I’m a vampire. When I say older I mean like 45 or 50ish.

Someday, I might meet a really distinguished looking older vampire, who looks 40 but he’s really 140.

I am picturing Benicio Del Toro as my future vampire husband. He could totally be a handsome vampire. Mr. and Mrs. Benicio Del Toro for all of eternity. It sounds lovely, doesn’t it? Is it creepy to write it on my notebook? What about the 10 to 20 pictures that I have of him saved on Pinterest?

No one would even notice that we’re vampires. We both have that constantly sleepy look. Plus, we’re rocking the grey with black undertones hairstyle.


My one request is that I don’t have to listen to music that was popular when I was actually 25. If you insist, I will party like it’s 1999 . . .  again.

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Getting out of the Clothing Comfort Zone: #MidLifeLuv


Tomorrow, I will be going outside of my comfort zone in a million ways. It’s exciting and nerve-wracking. I will probably embarrass my kids and my parents with the one or two hundred pictures that I’ll Instagram to everyone.

You can watch the spectacle from here:


Right now, I’m dressed in my typical mom outfit. Shorts and a t-shorts. Flip-flops too. It’s all age appropriate. Nothing that I’m wearing is too sexy.

Tomorrow, it will all change.I’m going to Warped Tour – all day long. My outfit will be sexy maybe.

People might say, “You’re too old.”

“Too chubby.”

“Too much like someone’s mom.”

“Too much like my mom.”

“Toooo sexy for an old chick.” “Old lady, I feel uncomfortable.”

All I can say, is that I’m not the fattest, oldest, least sexy person that will be there. Yes, I will be old enough to be almost everyone’s mother. It’s a role that I’ve accepted. I have to stop myself from getting out the band-aids and tissues sometimes.

There’s always one person, usually a roadie, that is older than me. Thank goodness for roadies, right?!

Of course, they could not think that I look sexy at all. In fact, it might be a dumb outfit. However, this outfit will be born out of the need to not wear flip-flops in the mosh pit. Flip-flops are dangerous at a concert where you can have your feet and other body parts stepped on – all day long.

You might think I’m even thinking like an old lady. Damned right! I’m an old lady that doesn’t want her toes broken.

So this old chick will be wearing her boots – her very comfortable, dependable black boots. The knee-high socks will just be a bonus to keep it interesting. I’ve never worn boots and knee-highs together.

nerdyOkay, maybe not never.

This was an isolated case. You can’t even prove that I’m wearing boots. These aren’t even my clothes.

Yes, tomorrow will be a day spent outside of the comfort zone. I absolutely cannot wait. I’m ready, except for buying the aforementioned knee-highs.

So I’ll be out buying knee-highs and preparing to embarrass my kids.

It’s what I do.

Becoming Anne Bancroft. #MidLife Memories: Daily Post


Which good memories are better — the recent and vivid ones, or those that time has covered in a sweet haze?

I’m still trying to convince myself that I’m 40. Am I really in mid-life?

Honestly, I will take any memory that I can get. I love them all!

I remember being four years old. It might have been the best time ever. I remember Sesame Street and a chocolate cake for my birthday.

I remember being 10 and really awkward.

It’s possible that I was awkward before that. I grew really fast and then one day when I was about 13, I stopped growing taller. On the plus side, my boobs grew about three years later. Until then, it was a slew of carpenter’s dream jokes. Teenage boys . . . I could do without them. I didn’t think so then but I do now, especially since I have a teenage girl.

I don’t really miss that time of being a young teenager at all. It would be better not to remember, except that it helps to understand what my teenager is going through right now. The teenage years are rough and unforgiving.

I remember my 20s. There was college and drinking and boyfriends. I dyed my hair and wore ugly clothes. There are pictures to prove it. I wrote a lot of awful poetry. There are several journals to prove it.

My 30s were an emotional roller coaster and extremely humbling. I got a divorce. I was in an abusive relationship. I was homeless. I had three kids. Then I got my life back together but not without a lot of work and court appearances. A lot of those memories, I would like to remember less.

Then I started this blog. I write about the past and the future. I take a lot of photos so that I can look at them later and remember what a good time we had.

My 40s have been pretty cool. I’m almost a year into the 40s so it’s too early to say if I love being 40. I still don’t feel old. I don’t think I look 40 yet. I have a feeling that I’ll have Anne Bancroft hair shortly. It’ll be cool. I’ll make it work. I’m trying to remember why I quit dying my hair. It could be because of all of the maintenance – too much work to cover up the inevitable gray streak. So here is a picture of me with my inevitable gray streak.


It could be worse, right?!

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