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8 Lovely Scrapbook Blogs

Today I have found eight scrapbooking blogs. So if you are thinking about being crafty, this list is a good place to start. Scrapbooking has never looked so lovely. Enjoy!


1. Maggie Holmes Design. http://www.maggieholmesdesign.com/blog/

2. Pretty Paper. True Stories. http://www.shimelle.com/

3. Second Look. . http://secondlookscrapbooking.com/

4. Scrapbook Obsession. http://www.scrapbookobsessionblog.com/

5. The Scrapbook House. http://thescrapbookhouse.wordpress.com/

6. Dapfnie Design. http://dapfniedesign.wordpress.com/

7. A Scrapbooking Swewi. http://swewi.wordpress.com/

8. Artful Scrapbooking. http://artfulscrapbooking.wordpress.com/

Cleaning House: Daily Post

Is there “junk” in your life? What kind? How do you get rid
of it?

My junk consists of clothes, scrapbook supplies, empty picture frames and paper.

So every few weeks, I go through clothes to see if I can give anything to Goodwill. Sometimes I manage to give away household items and toys. Lucas tells Little Sister #2 that we are giving the toys to Little Suzy because she needs toys. Sometimes she is more willing to give toys away if she’s giving to someone with a name.

The empty picture frames need to be filled with pictures or have hardware put on the back. I need an extra hour in the day to get it all done.

Scrapbooking supplies have a way of getting out of hand. It would be fine if I never used them. Then it could all stay nice and neat in my closet. However, then none of my scrapbooks would ever get finished.


The Other Thing that I’m Doing Besides Blogging: Etsy

The Other Thing that I'm Doing Besides Blogging: Etsy

So besides organizing, I’ve also been stocking my Etsy store. https://www.etsy.com/shop/EvaDivaPhotography

I edited some pictures, added new pictures. It occurred to me that I should put my name on the photos or at least the photography name. So I did that too.
I’m considering doing some scrapbooking items. It would be mostly punched out things – witches, flowers and maybe a snowman. I haven’t decided on that yet but it’s a possibility. What do you guys think? Should I diversify into scrapbooking stuff or stick to photography?
Hopefully, later in the week, I will be back to a regular blogging schedule. I’m still on the blog, just cutting back this week.

What am I doing?

I’m just over here being crafty. My scrapbooking things have gotten out of control. They are everywhere and nowhere. Some things are organized. Other things are clearly not in a special place.
My daughter’s boyfriend, who is 12, is a neat nik, an organizer, a clean freak in the best sense of the term. Therefore, he is the son I wished I had. I asked him to look at a picture of my chaotic scrapbook area. Area is a loose term in this case.
He said to put the stuff in the closet if that was an option. Genius! The solution was so simple.
So I have already put up one shelf by myself. I felt very accomplished. I have also moved another shelf unit into the closet. The scrapbooks are organized by color. So I put them in containers with matching colors. No one has to do that. It’s one of my own habits. I like things to be organized by color.
So for the better part of today, I will be in the closet – hanging up shelves and picture frames.

I was also inspired by this Pinterest post. It’s not an exact replica but it’s closer than I ever thought I would get. 🙂