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Destino’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Chaos


Legos.  A bit chaotic at the moment.


I need to quit using my camera bag as a purse. It’s past time to find an alternative.


Who knew we had so many shoes? Honestly, four pairs are mine.


We’re in the middle of packing all of our belongs. EEK! So much chaos in one post!

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If we were having coffee: fireworks and new shoes

If we were having coffee, I would ask you lots of questions. I do that sometimes.


I would tell you

  • That job hunting is interesting, as well as aggravating. I mean, what are the odds that I’ll find a super awesome job in small-town Ohio? A job that doesn’t involve picking up after people or doing dishes. It’s too much to ask. I know. But I’m still asking. Please let there be a super awesome job in small-town Ohio. 🙂
  • Packing is exhausting. I paint furniture and then pack. Repeat. Tomorrow I might go buy some more paint. My blue cabinet did not turn out very well.
  • I found interview that I thought was lost forever. I submitted another one to an online magazine. Keeping fingers crossed.
  • Little Sister and I went to see the teenager in the parade with marching band. Afterwards, I noticed that she didn’t have the right shoes. We bought some new shoes today. Plus, I got to spin the coupon wheel. Does anyone else love the coupon wheel?
  • kswiss
  • There were fireworks. I didn’t take any pictures. My batteries always die on the 4th of July. I should write myself a note for next year. Buy batteries and bug spray on July 3.
  • I also found our last home. Lucas is not going for the Viking -funeral- pyre -in -a- mobile home -over- a- waterfall idea. It’s good enough for Thor’s mom. Ok. She didn’t have a motor home. Her funeral was much classier.
  • 011a
  • This motor home was in a parade. Is that normal? Do people in other places drive their huge farm equipment and motor homes in parades?
  • And I finished this book, “I am Malala.”
  • https://chasingdestino.com/2015/07/05/summer-reading-challenge-4-i-am-malala/

Flip-Flop Traveler: #ShareYourWorld

What type of pets do you have or want?  Or do you not want pets?

We have a goldfish. I would not mind having a cat but I’m okay with not having pets. Then I see a cute puppy like this and I’m confused all over again.


When you’re alone at home, do you wear shoes, socks, slippers, or go barefoot?

Barefoot. I also wear flip-flops a lot. In fact, I’m wearing flip-flops right now.


Are you a traveler or a homebody? 

Both. I like to go places. Some days, I don’t want to leave the house.


Bonus question:  What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up?

I’m grateful that I’m going to be working 1st shift again. Of course, I need to get a second alarm clock again. Today. I need to buy one today. Guess who has crazy morning hair? Guess who had to go to work like that for several reasons? Oh yes, I sure did wear crazy morning hair to work.


Doc Martens and Jammies: Share Your World

Do you prefer shopping or going to the park?

Shopping. I might like the park if it was indoors.

If you were a shoe, what kind would you be and why?

If you mean, style of shoe, I would be a Mary Jane. If you mean brand, I’d like to be a Doc Marten. A Doc Marten Mary Jane would be perfect.


What’s the story behind when you got locked out?

One time, I dropped the kid off at preschool. I was wearing my polar bear pajama bottoms. When I went home, I locked my keys in the car. Unfortunately, the house keys were on the same key chain. So I had to call the sheriff’s department to unlock my car. The deputy saw me in my polar bear pajamas. I was kind of mortified. On the other hand, the percentage of locking my keys in the car has gone way down.

Do you prefer eàting food with nuts or no nuts?

No nuts.


Destino’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Let’s Dance


Photo #1 – Little Sister #2, who Darling Daughter calls “Sassy,” dancing on her birthday. Photo #2 -Little Sister #1’s dance shoes. Photo #3 – All four of our dance shoes. Photo #4 – Little Sister # 2’s ballet shoes.

My plans to get out into the dance world have been delayed.

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Spent too much on Shoes. Again

Spent too much on Shoes. Again

I had no business going into the Steve Madden store. There were responsibilities to take care of at home – kids to feed, bills to pay, etc.
How could I resist such cute shoes? I’m only human. So I did what any woman would do. I bought the shoes and gave them a good home. It’s not something that I regret. I think of that trip fondly. 🙂