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Rule of Thirds: Weekly Photo Challenge


Wonder Woman and Thor. But mostly Wonder Woman


Little Sister’s Thor Costume

It might be the best Halloween ever for Little Sister #1. She loved her costume. I think she would wear it all of the time if she could. As a mom, I feel like I’ve won the “Best Mom of Halloween” award. If there’s not such a thing, can someone make one and send it to me? Just kidding. I’m just so happy that she liked it and actually wore it.

She went out to tinker with her hammer. She tapped a pretend nail on the hammock and said “Nailed it.” I laughed for at least five minutes.

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Little Sister #2 wanted to wear the helmet too. So here she is.


Becoming Thor’s Mother

So what am I working on today? I am trying to put together Little Sister #1’s Halloween costume. She wants to be Thor this year. She does not want it to be girly so no skirts. I think it would be super with or without the skirt.

The first thing that I finished is the hammer.



I will update the post when I’m finished with the helmet and the armor. Luckily, I’m feeling fairly crafty today.

This video was pretty helpful. Miss Piratesavvy has all sorts of Thor cosplay videos. She has saved Halloween this year.

Destino’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Hero

This week’s theme is “Hero.” Show us who or what represents “Hero” to you.


Superhero aka Supergirl 🙂


Thor’s Hammer


And my mom. She can drive a ski-doo and a motorcycle. Plus she is crafty. She’s pretty awesome – like a hero. 🙂


I-Wanna-Do List: Daily Post

Quickly list five things you’d like to change in your life. Now, write a post about a day in your life once all five have been crossed off your to-do list.

1. Re-do some things in my house. For example, a dishwasher is at the top of the list. Also, we need to repaint at least two more rooms. If I could reorganize another area for scrapbooking, my boyfriend would be extremely happy. I have a ton of ideas for the home pinned on my Pinterest board. It’s about time I used some of those ideas.

2. I would like to get more involved with comic book conventions and blogging about comic books. Doing some cosplay is right up my alley. I saw some pictures of a woman dressed up like Lumpy Space Princess. Oh My Glob! I think I might actually be Lumpy Space Princess.

3. Eventually, I want to work from home.

4. Do more fun stuff with the kids. Over the summer, we did a paint fight. We all had a blast. So I’ll be thinking of ideas for more fun things.

5. Fill up my pink autograph book and my wall with photos of fan-girl stuff.

So a typical day would include a DIY project and keeping the kids on track with school. While they go to school, I can work on blog posts, scrapbook and do whatever my real at-home job requires. A virtual assistant job would be ideal.
There would be some fun arts and crafts time with the kids after homework is done. Once a week, we could work on our Cosplay costumes. I think that one of my girls wants to be Thor. We’ll be working on how to make Thor a little more feminine.

Then someone can load the dishwasher.