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Warped Tour ’18 Photos: Falling in Reverse



My oldest kid wanted to see this band. She picked out the best seats. Her sister, Warped Tour Buddy Sophie, spent most of the time before the show trying to take a nap. I feel like I haven’t taught her anything about what to do at a concert.





Falling in Reverse website

Warped Tour ’18 Photos: Sharptooth


The biggest disappointment of Warped Tour was not being able to find the line for the Sharptooth tent. Motionless in White played immediately after Sharptooth so the crowd . . . omg . . . . so many people.

Sharptooth kicked ass. Every time I turned to make sure my Warped Tour Buddy wasn’t getting trampled, I was drawn back to Sharptooth. Luckily, Warped Tour Buddy wasn’t even stepped on by the really drunk lady who was shamelessly flirting with some hot dude. You go drunk lady! She played a mean air guitar. So she has that going for her.



Sharptooth website

Warped Tour ’18 Photos: Kaizer Solzie


Kaiser Solzie noticed me! They played an amazing, energetic show on the stage by the Rehydration Station. It’s a very, large semi-captive thirsty audience.

The audience by the stage was a bit smaller. So, of course, they saw me taking pictures and wondering how I escaped from the parent tent.

If you get a chance to see Kaiser Solzie anywhere, go to their show and buy all of their merch. They are all really cool guys.

Warped Tour ’18 Photos: Kublai Khan




We didn’t catch the whole set of Kublai Khan. Warped Tour Buddy Sophie was getting overheated so we went to find some shaded place to sit and drink water.

Also, since we were only there a few minutes, I didn’t get any closer. It’s fine. Sometimes you have to make sacrifices for your Warped Tour Buddy.


Kublai Khan website

Warped Tour ’18 Photos: Tatiana DeMaria




Tatiana DeMaria owned the stage. She is also hilarious. My Warped Tour Buddy was sitting on the ground while we waited for Tatiana’s show to start. When she heard Tatiana, Warped Tour Buddy was mesmerized. WTB even stood in line to get her autograph. 1st autograph ever!


Check out her website.

Tatiana DeMaria website


P.S. Still #nofilters or anything fancy.

Warped Tour ’18 Photos: Doll Skin


We went to Warped Tour in Cleveland on Wednesday. I took a lot of photos as usual. So I guess I’ll post them here. It would be too many for Instagram. There are a few photos over there if you want to check them out.

The first show that my Warped Tour buddies – Sophie & Lucas- and I saw was Doll Skin. They were pretty rockin’.

P.S. The only edit that I did on the photos was cropping. #nofilter

Doll Skin website

Oh My Glob: #VansWarpedTour2015

I am so sore right now. It’s all I can do to type. Warped Tour wore me out. It was totally worth every aching muscle.

Only complaint: the price for food was a sin. I paid $9 for a $2 hot dog. I felt cheated and robbed. However, I was starving so I chose to be cheated and robbed. Disgusting prices.

Here are some pictures of Lucas and I at Warped Tour. There are more but I need a nap and Tylenol. So I will be working on more photos later. I also forgot that Facebook owns whatever I post so I will be deleting photos.

P.S. I did not tell any of the bands that I’ve interviewed that it was me, except Koji. I was just a fangirl all day and it was awesome!

We found Waldo right away. :)
We found Waldo right away. 🙂
I found Koji! :) He is awesome! One person can make a difference.
I found Koji! 🙂 He is awesome! One person can make a difference.
Lucas is living the dream. He is also sad that we missed Beartooth.
Melting while waiting in line
Melting while waiting in line
Say We Can Fly and I
Say We Can Fly and I. Braden Barrie. My kid loves him.
Alvarez Kings. I'm in the middle.
Alvarez Kings. I’m in the middle with the knee-highs.
Alvarez Kings had the best sign. :)
Alvarez Kings had the best sign. 🙂
Attilla. After the mosh circle.
Attilla. After the mosh circle.
Waiting in line again.
Waiting in line again.
New Years Day and I
Ashley Costello of New Years Day and IVans Warped Tour
Levi Benton of Miss May I and I.
Levi Benton of Miss May I and I.
Being As An Ocean. This might be the happiest I’ve ever been.

For anyone going to Warped Tour, check out Warped 101 on their site. Very useful information on what to bring and what to leave home.


Also, I was just telling someone that the bands have times listed for signing autographs. Most bands are pretty cool about signing autographs and taking pictures.

Last tip: get there when the doors open. Bands start right away. Grab a schedule. It really did help us plan our day.

Koji: a to z challenge

Photo credit: Kara Smarsh
Photo credit: Kara Smarsh

I liked the interview with Koji so much that I submitted it to Huffington Post instead. It totally throws the letter k out of whack but I’m fine with that.

He is such a genuine person. Very kind and generous. It didn’t seem right to keep him to myself.

So far, the plan is to go see his set at the Warped Tour. I’m really looking forward to seeing him in concert.

Falling Whistles
The Voice Project
Koji’s Tumblr
Huffington Post article: