Blogtember: Advice

Blogtember: Advice

The advice that has influenced me the most is “To Thine Own Self Be True.” It may seem easier to try to fit into someone else’s mold or idea of what you should be. I’ve tried to do both at some point.
My boyfriend and I talk about music quite a bit. He loves heavy metal music. I think he suspected that I do not love it nearly as much as he does. However, I confessed to him this year that I am not a heavy metal chick. He probably also suspected that I like old school R & B because Patti LaBelle or Chaka Khan are usually playing in my car.
The point is that everyone should be true to who they really are because they will be much happier and satisfied with their life.
So far I have discovered that I’m not a vegetarian, domestic goddess or thrill seeker. But I admire and respect people that can do those things because it is who they are.

P.S. My boyfriend also went to the Erykah Badu concert with me even though it’s not heavy metal or rock. Major brownie points.

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