Blogtember: Moment of Change

I had been a single, childless person until I was 26. And then I became pregnant. Life was never the same after I had my first baby. 

For me, the moment that my life changed happened when I saw my baby for the first time. Before I had children, I wasn’t sure if I would have that feeling of unconditional love for another person. I also wasn’t sure if I could handle all of the responsibility that comes with children. Children had not been in my social circle. None of my friends had babies at the time. I mostly saw kids from a comfortable distance at the grocery store. I liked those comfortable distances. No one was more surprised than I was that I was going to have a child. 

So my life changed forever twelve years ago, when I gave birth to my first daughter. She was so beautiful and perfect. Who wouldn’t fall in love with the most beautiful baby in the world? I am a better person because she came into my life. Image

September 2001

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  1. This is so sweet, I’ve spent the past few days with one of my best friends and her tiny newborn babe. and the entire time I kept thinking, “oh i wish..”

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