Letter to the Middle Daughter

DSCN2483Dear Middle Daughter,

I know that it has not been easy to be in the middle of two strong-willed sisters. It is hard to share clothes, toys and everything on the planet. You might feel like Mommy doesn’t notice you but I do. I know all of your catch phrases. I’m sure that at this moment your socks do not match and you need to push your glasses up . . . again. Sometimes I have to try not to laugh when you are in trouble because what you have done or said is hilarious in some way. You are a seriously funny kid.

The other day you said, “Mom, you don’t know what it’s like to have sisters.” It’s true that I don’t know. I had a sister that was raised elsewhere. We met one time many years ago. For whatever reason, we did not keep in contact. I always thought there would be time to get to know her. And before I knew it, time was up and she was called to Heaven.

So I wanted to tell you that I might not understand how you feel but I care about how you feel. Being the middle sister won’t always feel like a struggle. Someday the arguments over toys and clothes will not seem as important as they do today.

In the future, I hope that you appreciate having sisters to share clothes with. You only have nine or ten more years of sharing stuff with your sisters. It will go by faster than you think.

I love love love you! You are my favorite middle daughter!




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