Blogtember: Review of Tag Graphics

Blogtember: Review of Tag Graphics

My friend of a friend, Tracy, designs the best t-shirts and prints for Tag Graphics . She has several Walking Dead t-shirts and accessories. She also has a pretty cool Sherlock Holmes t-shirt.
The picture and design are Tracy’s. I borrowed them to show you guys how awesome her prints are.

She is on Facebook at There is also a link to her Etsy shop. Seriously, check it out! You will not be disappointed.

Desire: Ese’s Shoot & Quote Challenge

The desire to reach for the stars is ambitious. The desire to reach hearts is wise. – Maya Angelou

Desire for boyfriend . . .

Desire for ice cream . . .

Desire to own this Sons of Anarchy motorcycle. . .

Desire to hang out with friends. Especially at Masquerade balls. 🙂

Desire to donate . . .

Desire for this cookie . . .

mistake: Word a Week Challenge



Rookie mistakes! My own shadow is in the picture. The one with the airplane I snapped too soon. There are some feet in the window behind the statue. 🙂 Thanks for visiting. I’ll be taking better pictures. They can’t get much worse. 🙂


blogtember: life lately



Life is busy. I’m going to school and working part-time. Plus kids and extra-curricular activities -theirs and mine. 

Although, I feel like I’m not making progress I really am. Life is a process that cannot be rushed sometimes. I mean I really can’t take any more classes or work too many more hours. I don’t sleep enough anyway.  

My youngest daughter started school this year. So it’s an adjustment for both of us. 

So next year at this time, I hope to be working in a totally different career. I will keep reminding myself that it’s a slooowwww process sometimes. 🙂

p.s. Another exciting event coming this winter will be the arrival of my friend’s baby. I’m going to be the back-up coach. I had a dream about the baby already. It’s a boy!!

Bucketlist Goal: Comic Con!!!!!


The last time I went to a comic book convention was in 1999 when it was still Mid-Ohio Con. Or it might have been 1998. I do remember that the special guest was Jeff Conway.
I have wanted to go back but my middle daughter has a birthday on the same weekend. This year Ohio Comic Con was on a different weekend. Some of the special guests were members of the cast of “The Walking Dead.”
I was very excited to be there. Lucas was not as thrilled. He was a trooper. Not a stormtrooper like the one I had my picture taken with. But a trooper none-the-less. Next time, I’m hoping to find Darth Vader.

Great Lakes Brewing Co.- Lake Erie Monster

Great Lakes Brewing Co.- Lake Erie Monster

Lake Erie Monster, an India Pale Ale, is similar to the other Great Lakes Beers, yet it has it’s own flavor. The Lake Erie Monster is one of Lucas’s favorite beers. Apparently, it has a high alcohol content. You may not need to drink as many to become intoxicated. Lucas said that he’s always looking for the Lake Erie Monster. He hasn’t found him yet.
On a side note, there is also a professional hockey team in Cleveland called the Lake Erie Monsters.
I’m hoping to try the Commodore Perry IPA soon. They also have an Oktoberfest lager, which is available in stores now.

Here is a link to the Great Lakes Brewing Company:

Blogtember: Comfort=Food=Grandma

Comfort reminds me of food. It reminds me of how wonderful my grandma’s house smelled when she was making dinner. She did not set off fire alarms nearly as much as I do now. I still haven’t figured out how her spaghetti sauce tasted so much better than anyone else’s. In the last fifteen years, I have tried everything I can think of to copy her sauce but to no avail. I should have paid more attention to what she was doing in the kitchen. hwm

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