Should I be Concerned?: My Kid Loves Eminem

Should I be Concerned?: My Kid Loves Eminem

When my oldest daughter told me that she likes Eminem, I was slightly worried. He has issues with his mother and that can be worrisome. However, he is old enough to be her father so she won’t be bringing him home.
Of course, she could bring home a young punk who wants to be Eminem. Worried again. But that’s normal for a kid her age. Not worried again.
One day, one of her Facebook posts was a picture of Eminem that said “If I die, Hip-Hop dies.” What can I say? I love my kid. She’s has her own opinions. So I will respect her love of Eminem even though I’m totally confused.

P.S. Just for the record, I wanted to marry Michael Jackson when I was her age. My mom was also confused and respectful.

New Eminem video- About his mom.

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  1. I don’t think you should worry. As long as you explain he doesn’t do much of what he sings. It is an act. I have 2 sons 19 and 21 as well as two Daughters 3 and 4 years old. There is no rule book on how to deal with issues. What worked for Dawn, my partner and I was talking. Explaining things as best we could. If you have a good relationship with your Daughter, she will listen. Popular music can be a pain in the arse (Scottish sorry, can’t say ass, lol) and we had this with the boys. Both are still at home and the music I hear from their rooms I often have to go in and say “Buddy, two young girls out here, turn that off” And always they say sorry “I wasn’t thinking”

    Shaun x

    ps: I am a HUGE Eminem fan….
    Check my side bar videos..

    1. I know most of his stuff is just for entertainment. πŸ™‚ I like him also. Not sure if hip-hop will die when he dies. . . I listen to her talk about him. I don’t want to get all mother knows best in this case. lol

      1. Nah Hip Hop won’t die if he dies, lol… Yeah best thing is to just let her and remind her it is “just music” If she is like 18 years old she will find meaning in his music due to the lyrics and maybe find it has meaning in hers.. At that age or around that age kids can get very deep. You remember being 18? I bet you liked Wham πŸ˜€ x

  2. Besides what’s already been said by Shaun, your daughter’s life hasn’t been quite like Eminem’s. I respect his music and No, Hip Hop will not die if he dies. Although Hip Hop is becoming a dying sort of breed/music, unfortunately. :/

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