Who pressures you? NaBloPoMo


Who puts the most pressure on you — yourself or others?

Honestly, I think I feel more pressure from doing the NaBloPoMo challenge and photography challenges than other things like budgeting or getting the laundry done. No one is forcing me to do blog challenges. It’s just something I do for fun. Has anyone really had fun doing the budget or laundry.
In fact, they are a little bit scary sometimes. It’s also scary when I’ve miscalculated the figures in my head and my account is overdrawn. As far as laundry, I just shrunk my wool hat. On the bright side, it will fit my kid. So when she loses her hat for the tenth time this winter, problem solved.
Unfortunately, it’s time for me to start keeping a closer eye on the household budget and the ever-growing pile of laundry. The laundry is in front of my desk. So when I get the laundry area organized, I can move my computer back to the desk and proceed to organize the desk and the budget. I’m hoping it will look less scary by the end of the week. I’m also reminded that I need to make an appointment to get my eyes checked. Maybe I’ll wait . . .
So the answer is . . . I put pressure on myself more than other people do. It just isn’t always for the right thing.

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  1. Last year I added a daily reminder to my calender to check on financial things. Bank balance, budget, upcoming expenses, etc. Because I find them unpleasant, and I find ways to avoid them. I don’t always check daily but I do have the reminder there annoying me every morning. I did read somewhere recently to try to do the most unpleasant thing on your list first. I am finding that to be good advice. Just get it over with.

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