Responsibility of Friendship: NaBloPoMo

Responsibility of Friendship: NaBloPoMo

Which of your responsibilities stress you out the most?

I like having friends, except that I worry that I’ll be a terrible friend.
It’s hard to find time to dedicate to people that aren’t your kids. On the other hand, I like having conversations with grown-ups. How many times can my kid tell me about Shrek, dinosaurs or that I’m a grumpy robot mom? Honestly, it seems like several hundred times a day. No wonder I’m a grumpy robot mom.
Having a true friend is priceless. Everyone should have one friend that is loyal and patient. We all have our own issues that only a friend or a therapist can deal with. It’s cheaper to have a friend.
Being a best friend has been a little more complicated. Most of the time, I worry that I won’t able to be there when my friend needs me.
My friend had a baby shower that I was helping to organize. I was so nervous the night before because I was in charge of games. For some reason, I was having major anxiety about talking in front of people. It turned out to be fine and I didn’t need to worry. Everyone had a good time and my friend was happy.
As far as friendship, I will do whatever I can when my friends need me. I think that’s all anyone can do.

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