Spirit animal where are you?

Spirit animal where are you?


I cannot focus on anything else until I find my spirit animal. Every time I’m on Facebook, someone has a cool picture of a wolf or owl that they feel represents them.
My zodiac sign is a lion. I do like lions but I don’t feel like I am the lion, except for the hair. (Side note: My mom does the best Cowardly Lion impression. Hilarious.)
Harry Potter has an owl. Owls are lovely. Yet again, I am not the owl. In “Fight Club,” Edward Norton’s power animal was a penguin. I’m hoping that I’m not a penguin. Or the Penguin from “Batman.” I get nauseous whenever I see that movie.
I’ve taken four quizzes. So far, the results have been a deer, a dolphin, a snake and a crow. I don’t believe my spirit animal are any of those animals. No offense crow but I don’t identify with you either.
I’m hoping it’s a unicorn. Or maybe a butterfly. I’m pretty sure my five year old’s spirit animal is a dragon. Can a monkey be your spirit guide? If anyone sees my spirit animal, send it my way. It’s probably been delayed due to the weather. I’m hoping that I won’t have to go camping to find it. What are the odds of finding your spirit animal at a bookstore? I guess I’ll know when the penguin approaches me in the historical fiction section.

Here’s a serious link to finding your spirit animal:

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