Creative Collective:

Creative Collective:

Walk around your house and collect anything that appeals to you — memorable ticket stubs, the extra buttons that come with clothing, confetti from New Years that’s still stuck to your dining table — along with some basic craft supplies you have on hand (paper, glue, paint, etc) and create something. Don’t worry about making a masterpiece. This activity should not be stressful. Allow your mind to form connections and breathe in new ways. Use an old newspaper as your canvas, if you’d like. Glue things upside down. Work with reckless, uninhibited abandon. (If you made a playlist from the previous challenge, now would be a great time to play it! Don’t forget the wine!).


This is my first project for the Creative Collection. It was fun. It reminded me of making collages while in college. College collages. 🙂 Some of my friends made some awesome collages. Good times.

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