Dunk and Egg Go Graphic

Something for Game of Thrones fans!


  1. Thanks for this reblog. Jeremy will be so happy. And thanks for actually poking around a bit. Nice to know you like both Dunk and Egg and graphic novels, too 😉

    1. I haven’t read it yet. But I am reading & watching “Game of Thrones.” I do like graphic novels/comic books. Very behind on Kabuki. I read most of Daredevil when David Mack did the art. Probably behind on that also. 🙂

      1. You’ll notice that all the graphic and comics stuff is coming from my friend Jeremy (he wrote a master’s thesis on “The Cold War Anti-Hero in Grapic Novels” or something like.) I’m just sort of dipping my toe back into the comics. Haven’t paid attention since the 90s up until a couple of months ago. The Dunk & Eggs are worth the read. “The Hedge Knight” is one of the best pieces of short-ish fiction I’ve read this year. Martin is good.

      2. He is good. I’m enjoying the books as much as the show. If the actors weren’t as entertaining, then it might be different. Peter Dinklage is very funny. 🙂

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