Stuff I think about instead of Being Productive: Game of Thrones

Stuff I think about instead of Being Productive: Game of Thrones

So I was wondering if Jaime Lannister will still be evil in season 4. At the end of season 3, he seemed like a different person than in season 1.
Of course, he’s been through so much since the first season. Will he still have a relationship with his sister? I think he and Brienne would be a better match. I mean, she’s not his sister so that’s a plus.
I’m not telling anyone what happened. I don’t know the whole story yet either. On top of that, spoilers are so annoying.
I’m only on the first book. (I just finished the third season.) Is it wrong to want to skip to the fourth book?


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  1. I just finished watching all three seasons earlier this year and I’m hooked! I also starting reading the first book since the show was fresh on my mind. Cannot wait for season 4!

  2. Don’t skip — you’ll miss stuff. I have fallen in love with the Jaime through the seasons and even more so in the book. Whenever i mention this to my fellow GOT friend she says “Hey, remember that time when he tossed Bran out the window?” Oh yeah….

    1. I know. But I think he’s trying to make up for it. I don’t think he would do it if he were the person he is now. But he wouldn’t be the person he is now, if he hadn’t done it. Oh man . . . dilemmas for Jaime Lannister. 😉

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