Parents: NaBloPoMo

Parents: NaBloPoMo

This is my mom. She is a pretty cool chick. All of my friends wanted her to be their mom.
When I was growing up, she went back to college. She graduated with honors. On the first day of college, she didn’t think she could make it. I knew she could because she was smart. Like super smart. She is still one of the smartest people that I know.
She seems to like me. She has been good to me, even though I was one of the pickiest eaters on the planet. I also didn’t like talking or going outside. So God bless my mother. Hey Mom, thanks for not shipping me off to Mars or somewhere.

I wrote about my dad in this post. /p>

Prodigal Daughter? Not this year

β€œJust a small town girl – living in a lonely world.” Concert tickets are practically essential. Musicals are the key to life. I like movies, music,books, and corny jokes.


  1. My mother went back to college and got her Master’s degree at 55. It inspired me to go to college when I was 36 and I finally got my degree in 2005 (medical problems kept me from getting it at 40). I salute great mom’s like ours! Cool story, thank you!

  2. I love this post. I didn’t know it when I returned to college late in life how much it inspired my family. I just wanted to move forward in life. But you never know where it will take you. I was just trying to advance in my job, not start a whole new career. I think your Mom and I would get along nicely. haha

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