Writing Prompt Boot Camp: Letter to Writer’s Block

Writing Prompt Boot Camp: Letter to Writer's Block

Dear Writer’s Block,
It’s not you, it’s me. The last few weeks have been exhausting. I know that you’re jealous that I’ll write something great. So you’ve been distracting me with Netflix.
You keep telling me it’s okay to be lazy and that I deserve a nap. Well, the time for naps is over. It’s time for me to keep writing. We both know that I’m capable of finishing this book and possibly ten books. So I can’t have you lurking around the laptop anymore. Or the kitchen. Every time I go in the kitchen, you’re there to tell me to look for chocolate. You are a genius in the ways of distraction. Unfortunately, I can’t let you stay. Let me call you a cab so you can leave.
Hopefully, we won’t be meeting again.



Thanks to my new blogging friend Krystol for sharing the link to the Writing Prompt Boot Camp. Here is a link to her post.

Link to Writer’s Digest Writing Prompt Book Camp:

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