Wrong Printer: Writing Prompt Boot Camp Day 4

You’re at work and you print something personal (and sensitive). Unfortunately, you’ve sent it to the wrong printer and, by the time you realize it, somebody else has already scooped it up.

Well, this happened to me in real life. It was not anything racy or inappropriate. It might have been inappropriate to do it at the time, which was when the editor’s were printing out the pages of the newspaper. So of course, the editor of the newspaper brought it back to the area I worked in. How embarrassing!!
I was speechless. Luckily, my boss took it from his boss. I will never ever do that again. If I am tempted, can someone please stop me!! I’m feeling anxious just thinking about how the situation. Why did I do this to myself?
However, I do wish that I had the picture of my boss that I printed out. It was a pretty good caricature of him. If he reads this, I’m sorry. Thanks for taking the heat for me. I need to pay it forward, don’t I?


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  1. Well we all have those moments now, Don’t we? 😉

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