NaBloPoMo: Changes


If you could change one thing about yourself what would it be?

I would change my voice so that I can sing on Broadway or wherever I can. It’s too bad that I can’t sing. I could have been a triple threat – singing, acting and dancing. Triple threats are fairly uncommon anymore. Who is as good as Liza Minnelli or Shirley MacLaine? Maybe the cast of “Rent.” There are some “Glee” cast members that are really talented in all three areas. Hugh Jackman was known for singing in musicals before he was Wolverine.
Sometimes, I think I should have pursued acting. How old is too old to start acting again? I still might take up dancing again over the summer. It’s not definite yet.

Here’s a link on how to become a triple threat.


  1. Never too old. I can sing, but I can’t act and I can only dance in a club, after a couple of beverages. Then I’m an awesome dancer. 😉 Good luck!

      1. It is awesome! 🙂 I think we’d look ok. Not all superheroes have to match. lol If it was pink, it might not be as effective. 😉

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