Competition: Trivial Pursuit

What activity, task, or game most brings out your competitive

On any given day, I’m not worried about being competitive. I am usually in competition with myself as far as blogging. By that I mean, that I want to write better posts than I did the day before.
However, there is one game that I play to win: Trivial Pursuit. When I was a kid, my parents played with other couples. My mom and her partner would usually defeat the other team, even after a barrel of wine.
While living in Columbus, my friends would get together for some friendly games of Trivial Pursuit. After the first game, they didn’t let Colonel Potter and I on the same team. It was fun until it became too competitive and a little bit ugly. . . Sigh. . . it’s lonely at the top. The truly competitive people didn’t like losing, especially not to a quiet, unassuming girl.
Of course, I don’t know everything. I do love it when I get the sports questions right. No one expects it. My dad was a sports fanatic. I paid attention and asked a lot of questions. So now I know who Kevin McHale is and about the curse of the Bambino, which has been broken – finally!
I’m tempted to buy an old Trivial Pursuit game. There’s been one at the Goodwill for at least a month. Maybe it’s waiting for someone to give it a good home. Maybe that someone could be me!!

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  1. Risk. I don’t know what that says. 😉

    1. It says you want to conquer the world. 🙂 And you have staying power cuz that is a long game.

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