Where are the Rock Goddesses?

As you may know, I have seen a lot of concerts – metal, R & B, alternative, rock, blues, jazz. Basically, I’ve seen everything, except for that Satanist band that played in town once.
Let me tell you what I don’t see enough of in the rock and metal scene – rock goddesses, also known as women. I have seen at least fifty rock and metal bands, probably more like a hundred. However, I’ve only seen a handful of women in rock bands. Where are the females in metal and rock ? I’ve seen more men than I can shake my tambourine at; however, women in metal and rock are not as common. Females are not represented well in the rock scene.
I know that there are talented females who can rock. I know that there are women who love heavy metal and rock music.There are women out there who love the mosh pit. Women can hold their own in the pit and on stage. It is awesome to see a heavy metal chick in the pit get knocked down and then bounce back stronger than ever. Personally, I don’t like the mosh pit but too each their own.
So it would be great if these ladies, who can rock with the best of anyone, were represented on stage. At this point, it doesn’t matter what instruments women play as long as they show up to rock. I encourage my daughters to play instruments – guitars, piano, flute. They don’t have to be rock stars but they will be prepared for it. It’s good to have the option. Young girls need to know that they have opportunities in music.
There are a some all female lineups in heavy metal, like Drain STH. It’s not metal to do a happy dance. So pretend I’ve got the horns up and rockin’ out sort of like this woman. But I think her hand is backwards or something. Close enough for this post. Hopefully, someone has shown her how to do something appropriately metal.
heavy metal

There was a female lead singer in a band that I saw a few days ago. The singer for Angels Cut, Stephanie Johnson, was very engaging and talented. I can’t even tell you how thrilled I was to see a female in the band. It was great to see someone that I can relate to on stage. Is it too much to ask for bars to book something besides bands with dudes. No offense dudes: I love you guys but I want to see other bands with less testosterone.
Show some support for rock goddesses whenever you see them playing in your town. The following bands also have social media pages that they would love for everyone to visit.


Links to Metal and Rock Bands with Female Band Members:
Straight Line Stitch: https://www.facebook.com/straightlinestitch
Angels Cut: https://www.facebook.com/angelscutband
Wicked Wisdom: http://www.wickedwisdom.net/

Lacuna Coil: http://www.lacunacoil.it/
Crisis: Not to be confused with the heavy metal or the punk band. Currently, disbanded. http://www.metal-archives.com/bands/Crisis/8557
Walls of Jericho: https://www.facebook.com/WallsofJericho
Arch Enemy: http://archenemy.net/2014/index.php?go=media

Night Wish: http://nightwish.com/en/

Doro: http://www.doromusic.de/ (Our friend Kenny loves Doro. I always think of him when I hear her name.)
Chasing the Sirens: https://myspace.com/chasingthesirens

OTEP: https://www.facebook.com/otepofficial – Don’t get it confused with Opeth like I did. You will be at the wrong concert. Opeth is awesome though.
L7: http://l7official.com/. Disbanded but still influential.

Babes in Toyland: Disbanded. Courtney Love was a former member. I’m not commenting any further on Ms. Love. Here’s an interesting interview. http://blog.thecurrent.org/2013/03/kat-bjelland-on-babes-and-toyland-and-her-long-and-winding-musical-path/
Hydrovibe: https://www.facebook.com/hydrovibe

Drain STH: https://www.facebook.com/DrainSTH

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  1. Fabulous. I never would have thought of this, but I believe you have a very good point. Just running through a list of rock goddesses in my head – I’m talking about the ones who made it to the BIG stage – and nearly every one I can come up with started 10 years ago or even longer.

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