Double Trouble: NaBloPoMo

Do you think there are a lot of double standards between men and women when it comes to scandals?

For the most part, yes. Let’s say that a squeaky clean female child star is involved in a sex tape scandal. The public would be in an uproar. “What a terrible role model for my child!” She would probably be fired. It would be a publicist’s nightmare. It’s probably difficult to see the All-American girl in the same light after a scandal.
So if a young male star was in the same situation, the public probably wouldn’t bat an eye. We expect men, celebrities and regular guys, to have escapades. Hardly anyone has a problem with it.
Why don’t we hold men to the same standard as women? Why are women either viewed as wholesome or whores? There’s not much of a middle ground.
I don’t have the answers today. We probably won’t have answers tomorrow. It will definitely be a topic for discussion.

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  1. I definitely think that there is a double standard. And it’s funny that this attitude is supported by women as well. Also, it doesn’t just go for mass media and celebrities- it’s though out our society. Another fit example: a man without kids= work-focused, enjoys life, a woman, who doesn’t want kids=selfish.

  2. As a mom with a 7 year old daughter, I would love for this to change by the time she is in high school. Maybe we will make a move to being more equal. But then men would totally need to change the way they think. haha. Like that will happen!

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