Headed for a Break Down


Day 13
Breaking Down
A tire blows out as you’re in the car with someone on the verge of his/her own breakdown.
Stuck in a small town, you’re about to do something you haven’t done in years.

Some luck, huh? The tire goes out while we’re heading out of town. Of course, my friend Mallory is having a meltdown. She thinks her life is a wreck because she got fired by her boyfriend, who is no longer her boyfriend. Mallory decides to pick now to act like a hot mess.
I remember that there is a pond with a tree and a tire swing within walking distance. So I’m going to grab Mallory and the cooler from the backseat and head to the pond. We’re in need of play time on the double.
It has been years since I was on a swing over a body of water. I’m hoping that it will help Mallory to relax for about thirty minutes.
By that time AAA will be here to fix the tire and we can


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  1. You accidentally stopped mid-sentence, and instead of saying “she got fired by her boyfriend, who is no longer her boyfriend” you could just say that she got fired by her now ex-boyfriend.

    1. Yeah. I see that. I could but I probably won’t. Thanks.

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