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I had a boyfriend for ten minutes in fifth grade. My friend was mad that I was dating her ex. That sounds so grown-up for only being eleven.
So I gave in and broke up with him. I never had another chance. Everyone has moved on, gotten married, had kids and went to rock concerts.
I’m sure that my friend or the ten-minute boyfriend do not remember the best ten minutes of the year. Screw you anyway Babette!

“Just a small town girl – living in a lonely world.” Concert tickets are practically essential. Musicals are the key to life. I like movies, music,books, and corny jokes.


      1. Really? It was so well said! Funny enough I had a similar moment in grade seven. Although we had kissed, my friend wanted to date him and put me in the middle to ask him. They dated. We didn’t. But… 30 years later we found each other and have been dating since. Almost 5 years now.. so there is still hope, maybe.

      2. Wow! That’s so awesome!! There’s hope!! 🙂
        I’m pretty sure that they could read it. But hopefully, they don’t remember and think it was about someone else. 🙂 I was more nervous about getting messages from people that I knew way back then.

      3. That’s funny..:) people do have a way of finding us on line. I had someone find me from.. grade three! He had a crush on me then and said that he had tried to find me for years! Yikes!

      4. Yeah.. I remember feeling creeped out as a kid, the feeling was amplified when I found out I’d been stalked for a few decades.. He means well; just a bit odd. Needless to say I have averted myself from ever meeting him or having much contact other than Facebook.

      5. That is probably a good idea. 🙂 I don’t know if I’ve had a stalker. They give up after awhile. lol So I probably never noticed.

      6. They do give up. I’ve had a couple of weird people look for me either as a teen or now later in life finding me. Even my boyfriend remembers this creepy guy following me around in grade school. He was older and hung around the school waiting for me. I’m a bit shy so it doesn’t make sense to me. As much as I may have been a magnet, thankfully no harm has come. 🙂

      7. 🙂 Made me smile. I guess you are right.. there has to be a reason, maybe because we can make them comfortable with themselves, somehow.

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