Kabuki: Little Sister is Watching. A to Z Challenge

Kabuki : A to Z Challenge

I started reading comic books again when I was about 23. I went with a friend to the comic book store and started browsing. It took awhile but I found one that I liked. It was “Kabuki” by David Mack. The artwork is AMAZING! The storyline contains twists, turns and flashbacks but I think it fits with what is going on with Kabuki’s character. Kabuki is an agent for The Noh, a division of the government.
There are eight agents of the Noh: Kabuki, Scarab, Tigerlilly, Ice, Siamese (twin agents), Snapdragon and Butoh. Scarab has her own comic book series. I’m not sure if Mack intended for the others to have their own series. I’m sure they all would have been interesting.

Scarab. Art by David Mack
Scarab. Art by David Mack

“Kabuki” was published by Caliber Comics and Image Comics. Mack has moved on to other comics since doing “Kabuki.” He has done several issues of “Daredevil: The Man Without Fear.” He and Joe Quesdada created the Echo character. Mack has also done artwork or covers for New Avengers, Ms. Marvel, Grendal, Justice League of America and Green Arrow. Not bad for a guy from Ohio. 🙂

P.S. I only have to get the last issue of “Kabuki” and “Scarab.” Then my “Kabuki” collection will be complete.


All art by David Mack. I’m lucky if I can make a stick figure. 🙂


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