Volcanoes are Hot: Daily Post


When I was young, I kept feelings bottled up. Then all of those feeling would come out. It was never pretty or graceful. But it was always a surprise for somebody. Surprise!! I’m a raging volcano but less beautiful. It was definitely not wondrous, except that people wondered where all of that anger came from.
After going through a ton of therapists, I finally learned to recognize when it was time to express myself. It’s also helpful to learn when to really keep your mouth shut and write poetry or go to the punching bag at the coffeeshop. I miss that coffeeshop . . . sigh.
So before I get to the volcano stage, I ask a ton of questions to figure out if I should be angry or if there was a misunderstanding. There have been several times that situations have been cleared up before I burned any more bridges. Sometimes I have to let the bridges burn.



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