Stepmothers: Wicked or Misunderstood? A to Z Challenge

Step-mothers: Wicked or Misunderstood? A to Z Challenge

So I’m sure many of you out there are stepmothers or have had stepmothers. I have been a stepmother and had a stepmother.
I was wondering if anyone had a wicked stepmother? Also, has anyone had a positive experience with their stepmom?
I had a great experience being a stepmom. Even though my stepson isn’t my stepson anymore, I still love him.
I do know that there are some wicked stepmother’s out there. I’m curious about what their motivation is to be mean to their stepkids or bad mouth the ex. Are they just horrible people, who have to find their place in a new family? has a list of of things stepmothers should not say. Take note of #6. Do not bad mouth their mother. Trust me. It will not end well for the wicked stepmother. It never does. Haven’t you seen “Snow White?” There might just be bitterness and awkwardness, instead of falling off of a cliff. So play nice moms and stepmoms. You have many, many years of school plays, family functions and graduation parties.
So put away your wicked stepmother costume for now. I can see how it would be fun to dress up like a Snow White’s stepmother for Halloween.

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  1. I never had a stepmother. My Mom and Dad were married for 54 years, until he died some 12 years ago. My Mom is now 94. However, I have been stepmother to 3 teenagers. That was NOT easy! They only came by on weekends. They were great, but they were teenagers, subject to everyone other than their own kind being “weird.” Over time, though, we got comfortable with each other, and a couple of step-grandchildren were born. As for their mother, her and I are friends. There was never any animosity between us. She and my husband had split up long before I came along anyway. So, no evil stories here! Interest post. Thanks for sharing. 😉

    1. I’m glad to hear that it was mostly positive! 🙂
      Thanks for sharing!

  2. Interesting post! I don’t have any evil stepmother story to share. I think anyone that is mean to kids should be punished. I am a stepmother, and I treat my stepson as if he were my own.

    1. I did too. That’s how it should be.

  3. I haven’t had a stepparent, and I haven’t been a stepmother either. But I have seen some evil stepparents here. I think it is when a person disregards the stepchild and doesn’t consider them to be part of his/her family, an evil stepparent is born. And it is not necessarily an evil stepmother, evil stepfathers are usually a lot worse.

  4. When I was young I would have told you that my stepmother was evil. She was NOT the reason my parents divorced, they were on the skids anyway – but what is painfully obvious now, was not so much then. She was with my Dad while my parents were married and he married her about 3 weeks after my parents divorce was final. So it was a rocky start. As I got older I realized the only reason I had a relationship with my father was because of her.

    I think that is how a lot step relationships start … there are things going on that kids don’t get … especially if Mom is single and struggling like mine was …I’m glad I got to know my Stepmother.

    1. Thanks for sharing your story. It’s interesting to see how our perspective changes.
      She doesn’t sound so bad. Sounds like it was awkward for awhile. Glad it worked out though.

  5. I wouldn’t have called my ex-stepmother wicked…she was definitely not wrapped too tight though. I did however have a wicked mother-in-law…lol

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