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Stepmothers: Wicked or Misunderstood? A to Z Challenge

Step-mothers: Wicked or Misunderstood? A to Z Challenge

So I’m sure many of you out there are stepmothers or have had stepmothers. I have been a stepmother and had a stepmother.
I was wondering if anyone had a wicked stepmother? Also, has anyone had a positive experience with their stepmom?
I had a great experience being a stepmom. Even though my stepson isn’t my stepson anymore, I still love him.
I do know that there are some wicked stepmother’s out there. I’m curious about what their motivation is to be mean to their stepkids or bad mouth the ex. Are they just horrible people, who have to find their place in a new family?

Oprah.com has a list of of things stepmothers should not say. Take note of #6. Do not bad mouth their mother. Trust me. It will not end well for the wicked stepmother. It never does. Haven’t you seen “Snow White?” There might just be bitterness and awkwardness, instead of falling off of a cliff. So play nice moms and stepmoms. You have many, many years of school plays, family functions and graduation parties.
So put away your wicked stepmother costume for now. I can see how it would be fun to dress up like a Snow White’s stepmother for Halloween.