Why The Winter Soldier is My New Favorite Villain.

 Why The Winter Soldier is My New Favorite Villain.

My oldest kid and I went to see “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” today. It was awesome! I would have taken selfies of us but my phone died.
The movie is definitely worth seeing. I stayed awake through the whole thing. There were twists, turns, impossible things that became possible.
I don’t like every villain on the screen. For example, the chick in “Terminator 3” gets on my nerves.
I do like the character of the Winter Soldier quite a bit. His back story is interesting. He stayed with his mission until it was complete. (I knowww. . . the chick in “Terminator 3” was determined as well.) The Winter Soldier wasn’t totally a robot. There’s still a human under the mask and face paint. He’s not necessarily THE villain. He’s following orders from the real villain. Seriously, when is the next Winter Soldier movie coming out?
I also love how Stan Lee has cameos in Marvel movies.
It was also the first time that my oldest kid and I saw a movie without her sisters. If it wasn’t on the bucket list, it should have been. Superheroes, super villains and popcorn. It was a good day. πŸ™‚

Photo: From Marvel

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