Valerie June : A to Z Challenge

This post was going to be about the song “Valerie.” Instead the post is going to be about Valerie June, a singer that I now nothing about because I just found her videos on YouTube five minutes ago. She is fascinating. Her voice is not common in these days of Pop and Hip-hop.
I never join mailing lists but I joined hers. If you would like to follow her around like I do, her website is at Facebook also tracks her tour dates on Bandsintown. Bandsintown will keep track of all of your favorite artists. Although, I did have to tell it that some of my favorite artists are playing in Rock n’ Roll Heaven. Until it’s time to see that show, it would be awesome to see Valerie June in concert. There is one in Ohio this summer. One shot to go until she returns from Europe.

P.S. I am also in love with her hair. 🙂

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