Xena: Warrior Princess: A to Z Challenge


If there was a battle between Xena and Spartacus who would win? Lucy Lawless might have some insight. She was in both series.
It was nice that Xena was seeking redemption. She struggled with doing the right thing. Luckily, she had Gabrielle. Well, they had each other. They are seen as Lesbian role models. Who is going to argue with a warrior princess about her sexuality?
There is a group called the Marching Xenas that march in Gay Pride parades. I think that is the most awesome thing I’ve heard today. It would be a sight to behold.

p.s. Lucy Lawless donated her costume to the National Museum of American History.
p.p.s. My great-grandmother’s name was Zena. So much for naming my kids after her. Thanks Xena, Warrior Princess. You’re still awesome.


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