Eating Habits of A Former Skinny Girl: NaBloPoMo


Tell us how you eat: do you sit down to three meals, eat several small meals, or grab a granola bar on the run?

Welcome to NabloPoMo for May! The theme this month is “Nourish.” So the prompt asked to tell you about how I eat. I will try not to bore you. My diet has varied over the years. My college friends will tell you that I ate Three Musketeers and Dr. Pepper for breakfast and popcorn for dinner. I also ate pasta and rice. I didn’t eat much of anything – good or bad.
Then I became pregnant and developed gestational diabetes. So from now until whenever, I will be a borderline diabetic. If I get lazy and eat chocolate for breakfast, then the diabetes will arrive sooner than expected. My doctor also said that I’m hypoglycemic, which means I tend to have low blood sugar. I try not to skip meals because my sugar will drop and that is never fun.
These days I eat a cereal bar or a breakfast shake on days that I work. On my days off I might eat cereal. If my boyfriend is feeling generous, he makes eggs and bacon.
Then there is lunch. I try to remember to pack my lunch when I go to work. It seems that the food at work does not agree with me. I’m hoping that I haven’t ticked off the chef so much that he is giving me bad food. Here is a tip: Do not tick off your waitress/waiter. They have control over your food. Just sayin’.
For dinner, it’s sandwiches, pasta or whatever my boyfriend cooks. Sometimes it’s still popcorn if the kids are way but not as often as it used to be. Carbs are my frenemy.

Here is a link about hypoglycemia:

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  1. That’s how I eat. A bite here, a bite there. Not much of anything. Chocolate for breakfast. Cookie for lunch, and whatever my boyfriend cooks for me in between. It’s pretty bad, isn’t it? lol I’ve never been much of a food person. I’ll eat if it’s given to me but too lazy, I guess, to do it for myself. Thanks for sharing. Stay healthy!

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