Spark: Roller Derby Girls

My mom thinks that I have a spark. I think it runs in the family. She definitely has a spark and the loudest laugh in the tri-state area.
My daughters are all a little lively in their own way. Maybe not so early in the morning, but by noon everyone is raring to go. I bought some roller blades for all of the girls last spring at a thrift store. It was a wise investment of $10.
By next year, we should be ready for the roller derby. I can see my youngest kid being à blocker. She is a tough kid with spark to spare. My oldest kid is fast so she could be a jammer. The middle kid could do whatever she wants. Is there a distractor position? She could totally distract the other team.
My mom could make out uniforms. I think I could be a good cheerleader or a blocker. Whatever works.

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  1. an unstoppable team. I love the idea of your mom making your uniforms. 🙂

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