First Sight of the Honey Badger: Daily Post

Whether a person, a pet, an object, or a place, write about something or someone you connected with from the very first second.

This is a really difficult question for an introvert. I don’t feel like I connect with people but it happens every few years. While I was at my last job, which I refer to as Suckfest, there was a nurse that I got along with really well. Let’s call her Honey Badger. She was so much fun to be at the Suckfest with. We work at different places now. We joked that we and another co-worker, MiMi, should start a carpeting business instead of staying at the Suckfest. It was someone’s idea to wear short shorts. I’m wasn’t so sure about the short shorts idea but it had to beat working at the Suckfest.
I’ve been ripping up the carpet in my house this week. It’s not as much fun without Honey Badger and Mimi. I wish that I had thought of having a “Help Holley tear up the Carpet Party.” We could have short shorts, margaritas, some cool high tops and music. We could have this carpet out of here in no time. Or in an excessive amount of time, you know whatever works.

Help me Honey Badger & Mimi!!
Help me Honey Badger & Mimi!!

I’ll even make Honey Badger some coffee. Honey Badger loves coffee, even more than I do. I told Honey Badger a secret once and she kept it. Thanks Honey Badger!!

*Names have been changed to protect identities of those who still work at the Suckfest.

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  1. I am truly sorry you worked at Suckfest, but this just cracked me up and made me happy – so thank you for posting! – I love a Honey Badger (or anyone else) that can keep a secret.

    1. Glad you got a good laugh! 🙂 honey badgers are tough and loyal. They make good coworkers.;-)

  2. Haha, “don’t care squared!” I love it : ) I fell in love with my first poodle Lily the minute I saw her. I didn’t feel the same way for my current poodle Henry, but over time I grew to love him fiercely.

    1. Aww. . . I had a poodle once. 🙂 She had so much energy. lol Poodles are so cute.
      Thanks for visiting! 🙂

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