Trick Questions: Daily Post

A Pulitzer-winning reporter is writing an in-depth piece – about you. What are the three questions you really hope she doesn’t ask you?

1. What is your most shameful, humiliating moment?

2. How is your relationship with your father?

3. Besides oatmeal creme pies, what is your weakness?

I hope you don’t really want me to answer these questions.

9 responses to “Trick Questions: Daily Post”

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  2. Why, besides oatmeal creme pies, what is your weakness? lol Sorrrrrry, couldn’t resist lol

    1. It’s ok. I would do the same thing probably. lol 🙂

    2. I can’t decide if it’s Channing Tatum or Tom Hardy. Weaknesses are so challenging.

      1. Oh here, now you’re talkin, I thought you meant food ffs! lol

      2. Well, I think I pay more attention to boys than food. 🙂

  3. LOL!! If those are our weaknesses – mine is a fictional character – Dean Winchester. Swoon

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